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Advanced Planning with Hager & Cundiff: Funeral Pre-Planning for Peace of Mind

Planning and paying in advance for your final arrangements offers peace of mind to you and your family. Hager & Cundiff can help you with every aspect of your advanced planning, offering guidance and information about financial considerations and payment options.

Financial Benefits to Advanced Planning

Financial benefits to paying ahead for your funeral arrangements include:

  • Reduces emotional overspending
  • Protects your assets, including life insurance
  • Costs are frozen at today’s rate

Financial planning allows you to take your time and examine your options while making informed decisions. It also allows you to discuss your plans with loved ones to eliminate confusion and open the door to an honest exchange.

Emotional Benefits to Advanced Planning

Help eliminate the financial demands and confusion that typically follow the loss of a loved one, especially if death is sudden or tragic. Making your arrangements today helps your family stay within a budget you design, without the guilt associated with funeral spending.

When you have a financial plan for your final arrangements, you make the choices about your own funeral. This simple step helps avoid the burden of doubt family members carry about what is right for you.

Pre-Pay Options

There are a variety of ways to pre-pay for a funeral:

  • Payment in full or over a period of time
  • Trusts or funeral funds
  • A life insurance policy equal to the value of the funeral purchased

While some costs are fixed, others may only be estimated. We help you create an appropriate budget for those items. Although costs are not guaranteed and some expenses can only be estimated, any funds that are above the cost at time of death can be returned to the estate.

Advanced Planning with Hager & Cundiff

We can discuss the many options available to you, helping you determine the best course of action to meet your needs and desires.

To get started with a pre-plan, please provide information about the person for whom the pre-planning is for by filling out this pre-planning form. A representative from Hager & Cundiff Funeral Home will be in touch with you soon or you can call us today to schedule an advanced planning conference at our home or yours, providing peace of mind to you and those you love.