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Planning Funeral Arrangements at Nicholasville’s Most Experienced Funeral Home

Arranging your funeral ahead of time may be the greatest gift you can give your loved ones. Making your final arrangements in advance makes good sense. This single act allows you to:

  • Provide all of your vital information to the funeral home of your choice;
  • Document your specific wishes and your vision for your end of life; and
  • Relieve your family from the burden of guessing what is right for you.

The professionals at Hager & Cundiff Funeral Home are pleased to help you pre-arrange your final tribute and give the greatest gift of all to your loved ones: peace of mind.

Planning Ahead Has Benefits

Everyone involved benefits when funeral arrangements are made in advance. Discussing plans ahead of time allows you to make the best decisions regarding the type of funeral services you prefer. Funeral arrangements that are planned in advance are a comfort to your family at the time of your death, sparing them from decisions that are confusing or difficult.

Share your decisions regarding final arrangements with family members, and provide specific instructions for contacting the proper professionals when the time comes. While planning your final arrangements, you may wish to seek advice from an attorney, bank or trust office, and your clergy or spiritual advisor.

We Make It Easy

Our guidance covers every step of the process. We walk you through the service options for your final arrangements and help you understand all of the related costs. It is important to note that, whatever your decisions, nothing is set in stone. You may make changes at any time, and family members can always choose to do more, adding their own touches to your final tribute. If necessary, your plan is transferable to a professional funeral home in other locations in the country.

An arrangement conference can last one to two hours, depending upon you, your family, and the choices that interest you. Contact us to schedule an appointment, either at our office or in your home.

Helpful Information

Information needed to complete the certified death certificate: formal name; Social Security number; legal address; date and place of birth; parents’ names, including mother’s maiden name; veteran information and discharge papers; and final place of disposition, such as cemetery, mausoleum, or crematory.

Obituaries placed in the newspaper typically include the following information:

  • Survivors—spouse, siblings, children, and grandchildren
  • Preceded by—family members who have passed away
  • Biographical information—city/state of residence, education, employment history, memberships, military, and hobbies or areas of interest
  • Charities—preferences for memorial contributions

At Hager & Cundiff, we write the obituary for you. You only need provide the information.