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Diann Cundiff Helps You Choose Memorial Products, Monuments, Caskets & Urns

Remembering loved ones forever: The memorial products you choose at this time will help family and friends have a positive and personal memory of a significant life. The professionals of Hager & Cundiff meet with every family and help them choose memorial products to suit their needs. From monuments to personalized caskets or urns for cremated remains, these products are chosen to reflect the personality, achievements, and impact of a person’s life.

Our staff provides personal service in memorializing your loved one. We meet with you to determine your exact needs and desires, and then we do all the work for you. Once you make the decisions, you are free to focus on all the other aspects of this often challenging time. Trust our specialists to attend to every detail with care, accuracy, and precision.

Memorial Books, Folders & Thank You Notes

We help you create items that are personal and unforgettable, with every detail a tribute to the deceased. We help you tailor every detail to reflect the preferences and interests of your loved one.

Caskets & Urns

We offer a selection of caskets to meet every need. Personal touches are available as well, to reflect career achievements, personal philosophies, and special interests. Rental caskets are also available for visitations in the case of cremation.

Cremation urns are as varied in material and design as the cremains of lives they carry. Our selection includes plantable urns, for those dedicated to the environment or who would prefer a more natural option.

Cemetery Monuments

The final service we can offer a loved one is a monument customized to help us honor their life. As a convenience, we have an affordable selection for you to choose from when deciding the type of monument you would like placed at the cemetery.

Our prices include lettering, carvings, and setting fees. Foundation charges by the cemetery are not included and are to be paid at the cemetery.

Contact Hager & Cundiff to discuss your vision for memorializing your family member.