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Uniquely Personal Cremation & Memorial Services in Nicholasville KY

From a simple family gathering to a more formal traditional service, the specialists at Hager & Cundiff create a personalized cremation experience that honors a special life. We meet with your family to discuss your vision for a unique cremation service.

Cremation Services

You may imagine an elegant, customized cremation that includes visitation and a funeral or memorial service. Perhaps you are considering a basic direct cremation, with a memorial service and scattering ceremony at a later date.

There are many possibilities for cremation, including direct cremation with no immediate services. We help you explore all the options to create an experience that is personal and memorable.

Traditional Cremation Services

A traditional cremation service may involve a large church ceremony or intimate gathering. Many churches encourage families to have the urn present during the service, in the same way the casket serves as the focal point for a funeral.

A traditional cremation may include a viewing or visitation, and rental caskets are available if you prefer. Formal services at the funeral home, local church, or other venue add a spiritual note and floral tributes are often displayed. Photographs and other memorabilia further personalize the service.

Memorial Service

When direct cremation is chosen, a memorial service may be held to honor your loved one. They are not necessarily conducted within a few days of death, but at a convenient time for the family. This supports those that are out of town and need to travel. Some families pay tribute by having a service on the anniversary of a loved one’s death.

Memorial services are similar to funeral ceremonies; ashes may be present and flowers or donations to charities are also appropriate. The service may be conducted by a pastor, Certified Funeral Celebrant, family friend, or relative.

Graveside Service

A graveside service can be arranged separately or in conjunction with a memorial service. Held at the burial site or mausoleum, this can be a lovely and moving tribute to complete your cremation services.

Whether you prefer something traditional, private, or truly unique, Hager & Cundiff assists you in choosing the cremation services right for your family.

More Questions about Cremation

  • What is cremation?—Cremation is not a type of service; it is the final disposition of a person, just as burial is.
  • What do families do with the ashes?—Some purchase an urn and keep them at home. Others choose to inter ashes at a cemetery, entomb in a mausoleum, or scatter at a meaningful place.
  • Do I need to purchase an urn?—Yes, if you choose to keep the ashes at home or different family members desire part of the ashes. With burial, we suggest purchasing an urn vault to provide a waterproof and sealed container.
  • Do I need a casket?—No, but most crematories require a suitable container that completely covers the remains and is rigid enough to support the weight. Our funeral home provides a cremation container that meets these guidelines.
  • Are all cremations performed individually?—Yes, it is unlawful to cremate the remains of more than one individual in the same cremation chamber at a time.
  • Is embalming required?—No, embalming is only necessary for viewing purposes or in transporting from state to state.
  • Can I pre-arrange my cremation?—Yes, a pre-authorization form can be filled out and placed on file at the funeral home. Payment for funeral home services, urns, and an urn vault in case of burial can also be made as a pre-arrangement. Crematory and cemetery expenses must be paid at the time of death.