Hager & Cundiff Funeral Home

Burial with Traditional, Memorial & Graveside Services from Hager & Cundiff

From an intimate family gathering to a traditional church service, the funeral specialists at Hager & Cundiff create a personalized burial that honors a special life. We meet with your family to create your vision for unique burial services.

Traditional Burial Services

A traditional burial service may involve a large formal ceremony or small family gathering. Either in church or at the funeral home, the casket serves as the focal point for this funeral.

A traditional burial may include a viewing or closed casket visitation. In the case of cremation, rental caskets are available for viewing. Formal services at the funeral home, local church, or other venue add a spiritual note, with floral tributes, photographs, and other memorabilia to further personalize the service.

Direct Burial

A direct burial may be chosen when there is no family in the area or when a memorial service is planned for another time or place. While our funeral home provides a vehicle to transport the deceased to the cemetery, direct burial does not include a funeral ceremony, graveside service, visitation, embalming, hearse, acknowledgement cards, visitor register, or memorial folders. The casket and outer burial container may be purchased at the funeral home during time of need or may be purchased through pre-planning.

Memorial Service

When direct burial is chosen, a memorial service may be held to honor your loved one. They are not necessarily conducted within a few days of the burial, but at a convenient time for the family. This supports those that are out of town and need to travel. Some families pay tribute by having a service on the anniversary of a loved one’s death.

Memorial services are similar to funeral ceremonies with flowers or donations to charities. The service may be conducted by a pastor, Certified Funeral Celebrant, family friend, or relative.

Graveside Service

A graveside service can be arranged separately or in conjunction with a memorial service. Held at the burial site, this can be a lovely and moving tribute to complete your services.

Whether you prefer something traditional, private, or truly unique, call Hager & Cundiff to assist you in choosing the burial services right for your family.