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Butterfly Release

May 25, 2017
Jessamine County Court House Lawn, Nicholasville, Kentucky

Every year Hager & Cundiff Funeral Home hosts a Butterfly Release in honor of loved ones who have passed away since our last Release. Their names will be read as well as the date of their passing. You are invited to attend this event and release your loved one’s butterfly. For those who would like to release a butterfly in memory of a loved one, we are happy to add their name to the list, and should you want to reserve your butterfly we are accepting a $5.00 donation. You may also add a name without reserving a butterfly, and this is free.
Please share this with other family members and friends. You may reach us at 859.885.4125 Mon.- Fri. from 9 AM to 4 PM with questions or to add a loved one’s name to the Butterfly list.

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