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Our Staff’s Help with Funeral Planning Is Just a Phone Call Away

Every family has unique needs when it comes to funeral planning. Some basic options include traditional services with cremation or burial, memorial services, military veteran funerals, direct burial, or simple cremation.

Hager & Cundiff Funeral Home is experienced at tailoring a package of services that meets the specific needs and wishes of your family. We offer a full complement of memorial products and services to further personalize the ceremony. You may also choose to engage the services of our funeral celebrant, at no cost to your family.

Funeral Service Options

Traditional Funeral Service

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Embalming
  • Dressing and cosmetics
  • One or two nights of visitation
  • Funeral ceremony
  • Graveside services
  • Transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • Hearse and/or limousines
  • Thank you notes
  • Memorial book
  • Memorial folders

Customized Services

  • Same-day visitation with service
  • Direct burial with memorial service
  • Direct burial with graveside service
  • Cremation with a traditional funeral service
  • Cremation with memorial service
  • Cremation with graveside service

Personalizing Your Service

Personalizing a funeral requires some thought, whether you are planning your own service in advance or for a loved one. Many items, such as photos or mementos, may be brought from home to display at the service, while other items may be selected at the funeral home.

The options for customizing a tribute are endless. You might choose a theme based on the interests of the deceased, such as hobbies, music, favorite sports or teams, or a branch of the military. Interest areas such as sports or horses, or careers such as farming or over-the-road trucking, make wonderful ideas for a theme.

Potential options for personalizing your services include:

  • Video tribute—We were the first funeral home in the area to offer this option! We employ a skilled professional to create a high quality memorial that may be run on a continuous loop throughout the visitation or memorial service; because the video is created by a professional company, it is copy written and additional copies can be purchased through Hager & Cundiff Funeral Home.
  • Photo collages, albums, and framed photography—A photographic memorial can be a focal point for the visitation or memorial service.
  • Personal interest items—An exhibit of the person’s skills or hobbies is often central to a visitation or memorial service.
  • Decorative casket panels and casket engraving
  • Decorative urn
  • Floral pieces

Other options for personalizing include music to set the tone and readings such as scriptures or eulogies. Pall bearers or other participants add a personal touch and can point to an important area of the person’s life, such as members of a team or organization.

Contact Hager & Cundiff to discuss personalizing your family funeral services.