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Begin the Process: Final Arrangements at Nicholasville’s Finest Funeral Home

Funerals are important in offering closure to those grieving and providing a forum for the healthy expression of love, loss, faith, family history, and forgiveness. The outpouring of love at this time can be a critical phase of the grief process for those involved. The deceased has inevitably changed lives, impacting family, friends, and acquaintances that you may not know until they visit during the funeral and visitation.

The value of a funeral isn’t in how much it cost. The funeral and its traditions benefit us by allowing others to comfort and grieve with us and, most of all, to remember a special life together.

Someone wise once said: A good funeral is one in which the deceased is honored, the bereaved comforted, and the memory is sustained.

When Loss Comes, Where Do We Start?

When a loved one passes or you are preparing for that time, contact us at Hager & Cundiff Funeral Home. We will schedule a time to meet and discuss your family’s wishes and ideas for an appropriate tribute.

Some information you will need at this visit includes details for the death certificate and obituary. Whenever possible, gather these items to bring with you to our first meeting. Also bring any advanced planning paperwork and appropriate life insurance policy information.

Information needed to complete the death certificate:

  • Complete formal name and/or birth certificate
  • Social Security number
  • Legal address
  • Date and place of birth
  • Parents’ names, including mother’s maiden name
  • Veteran information and military discharge papers

Information needed to complete the obituaries:

  • Survivors—names of spouse, siblings, children, grandchildren, etc.
  • Preceded by—names of family members who have passed away
  • Biographical information—city/state of residence, education, employment history, memberships, military, and hobbies or areas of interest
  • Charities or organizations—preferences for memorial contributions

At this first visit, we create an action plan to outline the process for you. You may be asked to assemble other items, make specific decisions, or contact certain people in facilitating this plan. It may help to have a few family or friends that are willing to share these responsibilities. However, our experience allows us to guide you through these steps and offer support when needed.

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